Monday, August 15, 2022

The Great Panther Hunt!

Way to go Panthers!!!  Your sleuthing and top-notch detective work has led to the recovery of our favorite panther!  
Let the 2022-23 school year begin!  

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Summer staffing update

Summer changes have resulted in some exciting internal shifts that we

are thrilled to share.  Mrs. Gavin will be our new STEM teacher, working

with students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  Ms. Friedman will take over

the library in our new role of Library/STEM Specialist.  We are committed to driving

our STEM experiences to the forefront of educational excellence over the

next five years - we look forward to sharing those ideas and plans

throughout the coming year.  Additionally, Mrs. Sarah Kanchwala,

new teacher and former EPS student, will be shifting from 5th

grade to join our middle school math team.

Please welcome our newest Panthers!

Top row: Mrs. Everly, Ms. Swiech, Mrs. Kowalewski, Ms. Ingrassia, Mrs. Kanchwala

Bottom row: Ms. Cirone, Ms. Saxton, Mrs. Warner, Ms. Nardulli

In addition to these changes, we are very excited to welcome the following educators to our team and are confident they will be an excellent addition to our EPS family.

Ms. Elisa Cirone - 5th grade teacher

Mrs. Michelle Everly - middle school math teacher

Ms. Emily Ingrassia - middle school special education teacher

Mrs. Sarah Kanchwala - middle school math teacher (EPS alumna)

Mrs. Lizzie Kowalewski - primary EL teacher

Mrs. Anna Mortell - Innovation Coordinator

Ms. Annalisa Nardulli - speech language pathologist

Ms. Ariel Saxton - 3rd grade teacher

Ms. Margaret Swiech - 4th grade teacher

Mrs. Lauren Warner - Kindergarten

New teacher induction day one, hour one - teambuilding!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Thursday, July 14, 2022

August Family Events

Looking ahead to August, we wanted to share the following opportunities for our students and families to come together for a bit of fun, connection, and community building.

Chalk, Chat, & Chill

Monday, August 8th | 4:30-5:30PM on the playground

Every color of chalk and every flavor of popsicle...what more needs to be said?  Join us late afternoon for the opportunity to draw, play, enjoy treats, and connect.  Fun for the whole family!

The Great Panther Hunt!

Thursday, August 11th | 2:30-3:30PM on the EPS field

Our mascot has been stolen!  Decipher clues, solve puzzles, and complete challenges to help solve the mystery.  This event is open to all ages.   

Meet & Greet   

Friday, August 19th | 2:30-3:30PM in the school

Come by and say hi!  Get to meet new teachers and catch-up with old ones.  We will be opening up the building and welcoming everyone for what is sure to be another sensational school year!

First Day of School

Monday, August 22nd First full day for 1st through 8th grade

Monday, August 29th First day of preschool and kindergarten

Saturday, June 4, 2022

That's a wrap!

 Without question or doubt this has been a most challenging year.  Yet, despite the hardships and complexity - of which there were many - we persevered, we learned, and we grew.  As we reflect upon and celebrate, let us recognize the extraordinary ways in which we pulled together to support the learning and wellbeing of kids (and one another).  East Prairie has sought not merely to survive the ongoing pandemic, but to thrive during it.  In a world that is uncertain and unstable, our school community has provided care, strength, and kindness to our kids.  Thank you for never settling.  Thank you for striving to reach new heights.  Thank you for keeping the needs of kids first, front, and center. 

Wishing you a restorative, enjoyable, healthy, and safe summer!  Thank you for all that you do to make East Prairie the very special place it is! 

Friday, June 3, 2022

Field Day FUN!!!

We capped off the school year with some field day fun!!!  There was pizza relays, crab soccer, line hockey, dodgeball, tug-of-war, soccer, capture-the-flag, kickball, ultimate frisbee, giant parachuting, dancing, and of course a dunk tank (thank you, PTA).
It was a fantastically fabulous day to be outside and enjoy one more day of fun and games together!  Thank you to our students, teachers, families, and community for making it such a special year!

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Pump the pep!


We brought our final week of the year to a thunderous start!  Our final pep rallies included a school song singalong, potato face races, student recognitions, Student Council speeches, cup stacking contests, and a new feature "Stepping with Ms. Stepney" DANCE PARTY!!!